Workshop for parents fairy tale therapy.

Fairy tale is one of the oldest and most effective ways of raising children. If we say to our child what he has and what he should not do directly, we are often faced with children's negativism. Tale works through the subconscious levels of perception and don't causes negativism. All children love stories and ask us to tell them at night. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to influence children's behavior through a fairy tale.

In our workshop we learn to write fairy tales in which the heroes are role models and see how it works efficiently. If the child does not want to go to school, there is nothing easier than to tell the correct inspirational tale and the school will be beloved and long-awaited ...

Joint inventing stories with our children helps to know that they are interested in at the moment, have dreams, desires, fears lurk in the hearts of children. It makes us closer and more harmonious relationship!

At a seminar of fairy tale therapy we learn how to write a fairy tale for our children (of any age) that will help them grow up happy and healthy, and we adjust their behavior.

Author and workshop leader Marina Kazankova - known theater and film actress, a psychologist, a loving mother, author and host of trainings. With her creativity and seminars Marina inspire thousands of people to pursue happiness, love, understanding and acceptance of themselves, each other and the world. Allow yourself to dream and pursue your dreams. To turn obstacles into opportunities. Going forward with ease and a smile. To be able to surprise and delight, to breathe, to live and develop.

Bring a pen, paper and a belief in a fairy tale!)