Caribbean Cup! Great competition and great Workshop of psychological preparation to freediving and competition with great athletes!) I loved working with you!)

Ashley Chapman (10x national record, 3x world record)
I enjoyed the auditory and visual deconcentration strategies. Used them in my dive today and felt a difference. Liked the spinning in the water and like the new stretches. Liked the opportunity to get feedback about techniques and anxiety from fellow divers. Loved the anxiety breathing technique. Loved marina! I am a little concrete sometimes so it was good for me to get out if my comfort zone.


Mandy Sumner
Your class was so helpful for me as i am starting to become a better diver. Ive always had issues with meditation and relaxation and it has been showing in my dives. I take what is happening in my life and my feelings and bring them into the water and i don't want to do that. The water for me is cleansing and i don't want to contaminate it haha. This class has given me the tools i feel i have been looking for to relax and feel the water again and enjoy my dives. Im so happy to have learned so many things that are so helpful and definitely working for me. Relaxing on dives, smiling at the beginning and ending of my dive. Enjoying the peace underwater where i belong. I also really enjoyed the new methods of breathing exercises and stretching. Thank you so much for this. This class had put me back where i want to be mentally in life and in freediving:)


Ashleigh Baird
The deconcentration course with Marina was fantastic. She gave us the tools necessary for a much more relaxing experience with freediving by reaching a meditative state. Im so excited to apply these techniques with static practice as well as depth training, and to see the results of these techniques!

Kurt Chambers - national record holder. Thank you, Marina, for the introduction to the meditation, breathing, and visualization strategies that you use, especially the glimpse into the concept of 'deconcentration'. I have been seeking to supplement my physical understanding of freediving with more mental, and you have provided a foundation for me to build on.