Breath Power Workshop v2

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Marina, you are such a delight to work with! To think we all have to re-learn how to breath to be present and connected! So, grateful for your presence.
Michaela von Schweinitz.

The Breath Power Workshop was wonderful! So much learning, clarity and cleansing.
Kelly Carranza.

I felt a difference and really appreciated the patience and one on one personal help to make sure i understood... Thank u!
Peggy Sullivan.

A must for anyone who breathes. We learn to breathe better, feel more fully & truly.
I feel more alive with greater awareness of my own body"s capacity. Thank you for such an interesting and powerful workshop. I am excited to try breathing slower and deeper while swimming, and try some short diving.
Nancy Roe.

Today has given me the tools I need to control my breathing properly - it is up to me to now go away and practice what I have learned and be disciplined about the way I breath - thank you so much - a lovely session.
Sue Murray.

Thank you for sharing these powerful and simple techniques for cleansing, connecting, and strengthening all parts of the breath cycle!
Christie Roe.

This is awesome! Just hay first class, really loved the exercises i truly feel its going to make a big difference in my public speaking faster than ever hoped for! Lpved the setting and
Marinas teaching :) I'll try not to miss a single class
Ellen Venjakob

Jenny Maastricht
Really love how I FEEL now. My head and body and whole spirit feels lighter and more connected and alive! Its amazing! Thank you, Marina! :)))
Pete Stone
Haven't breathed so well since birth!! Oxygenized!!!! Thx, Marina!!Радуемся 1Радуемся12