1. Amro Yuri
to be ready for the dive, be relaxed befor and during, better performance and more fun, how to deal with contractions
2. David, Hooman
better preparation for spearfishing, extend knowledge on what we are doing
3. Qaesar, Halid
happiness and performance

feed back
The course was exactly what i was searching for in scope of relaxation, and preparation before the dive. But I need to work on recognizing the state of deconsentration more and staying in it for longer.
just what i was looking for and starting to search about. i think it will help me in so many aspects other than freediving. i wish i had this session at least 2 months before the competition
This is not just a freediver course. This is a course everyone needs to do to improve the quality of your life. I have the excitement and pleasure for freediving that got me started in the beginning. If I practice this i believe all my life can be one exciting child's play. Im very excited to find out :)
We never stop learning, and this experience has opened up a whole new meaning in freediving for me. Something has been unlocked, some so simple yet something profound. Thank you for you devotion to what you do.
The workshop certainly gave me new tools to work with to improve my freediving performance and enjoy it more.