Workshop of psychological preparation for freediving, sports and competitions.

Each workshop has it's own soul! This one had a very special soul full of love and friendship! Meditations and psychological techniques were so powerful and relaxing made all together. I had an insite during our sound deconcentration. I learn so much from my talented students!

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Claire, Ricardo, Hugo, Alexey are all pearls of people with so many talents and it was my greatest pleasure to see how they feel and use the knowledge they've got at the workshop. The final freedive in the ocean close to Miami was so relaxing and happy for each of us! I'll be back to Miami soon for a new workshop! Already missing you!


I wanted to find the signal to stop my dive. The relaxation and de-concentration allowed me to listen to my body during my dive and connect with my signal

Сlaire National Record Holder:

I am never 100% into my dives and i wanted to find a way to be in the moment. The "tumbling-massage" exercise in the pool made me feel like nothing else matters and enjoy the moment. Just like when I was a little kid and playing around in the water. Also learned to see internally and this is really a revelation that i will take in all my dives and in life. Merci!!


It was outstanding course. We were given one-on-one attention. The suggested mediation techniques improved my performance and enjoyment of freediving. I was very satisfied with the course and highly recommend it for any freediver. 

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